Workshop @ Master Scientific Illustration

5 April 2019

In collaboration with ‘The Fine Art Collective’* (Lennaert Koorman) I taught a workshop at the ‘Master of Scientific Illustration’ in Maastricht. The students welcomed us with great enthusiasm and their unceasing curiosity made for a great working environment. 


We started the day with some exercises, using graphite pencils and watercolor. These value- and color studies showed us the main tonal -and color relationships of the subject (a still life). Knowledge that proved to be essential during the final painting in watercolor. 


It felt rewarding to work with this group of young and talented people, who developed such a deep interest in drawing and painting.  


For an in-depth article I wrote about the workshop in Dutch:


For more information about 'the Fine Art Collective':


For more information about the 'Master of Scientific Illustration'


*The Fine Art Collective is a worldwide initiative aimed at increasing and propagating expertise relating to art materials and techniques on painting and drawing. The programme supports aspiring artists at art academies and provides informative and inspiring presentations, clinics, and practise places - in the proper use of these materials and techniques.