New courses 2021/2022

Dear all,


After the summer a new program will start. I look forward to welcome you during one of the classes, designed to amplify drawing skills and inspire each other with beautiful work and nice conversations about art!


I will host three courses in 2021/2022:

  • Modeldrawing lessons from the masters -beginners: Suitable for the people who are new to the program. We focus mainly on gesture and proportions.
  • Modeldrawing lessons from the masters -advanced: Designed for people who did attend the first course and want to learn more about drawing techniques. During this course we learn more about tonal relationships and how to create the illusion of threedimensional form in a drawing.
  • Model, open studio: People who attended the course ‘modeldrawing lessons from the masters’ and want to deepen their understanding of the theory are welcome to attend these lessons. We work with the model exclusively.

For more information, or if you want to subscribe:

Have a nice summer and hopefully we will meet again soon!