An update

‘ First you draw what you see. Next, you draw what you know, and only then will you know what it is that you see’. 


Robert Beverly Hale 


In September my new courses started at Kumulus Maastricht. A new and dynamic group entered the program. While most of the students have had some training in the arts they are eager to learn a new approach, the so called sight size method. We focus on the first stages of a drawing only, to gain a thorough understanding of proportions, gesture, line quality, dynamic symmetry and tonal relationships. This is quite a handful but it all comes down to training the eye, learning to observe the model and draw what you see (instead of what you think you see). 


The advanced students continued their training during the course ‘open atelier-autumn’. Having learned about the stages in the drawing process it’s time to gain a deeper understanding of what it is that they are seeing. Anatomy lectures help to understand the human form in all it’s complexities. Now two approaches merge: the one where we rely on sight only (the visual impression) and one where you can construct a figure by knowledge of the anatomy.