Modeldrawing courses



Since 2020 Ilse host modeldrawing classes in Maastricht.

Since the human figure is to date one of the most complex designs to understand, we focus mainly on model drawing to deepen our observation and master drawing-concepts. 


The program is divided into three courses: ‘Modeldrawing. Lessons from the masters- beginners’, ‘Modeldrawing lessons from the masters- advanced’ and ‘Open Atelier’. 

The first course teaches us how to capture the likeness of our model. We learn to draw what we see and not what we think we see. The advanced students continue their training during the course ‘Lessons from the masters-advanced’. Having learned how to capture the likeness of our model, it’s time to gain a deeper understanding of what it is that we are seeing. 


Anatomy lectures help to understand the human form in all it’s complexities. Now two approaches merge: the one where we rely on sight only (the visual impression) and one where you can construct a figure by knowledge of the anatomy. 

Extra time to practice is provided during our ‘Open Atelier’ training. We work with the model exclusively. New students are welcome during these classes as well, to introduce them to the classical drawing method. 

Students like Ilse's patient and thorough way of working, where there is space and time for each individual. 



Classes are held on Friday’s:


  • Modeldrawing lessons from the masters beginners: from October till the end of February, on Friday morning from 10.00-13.00h

  • Modeldrawing lessons from the masters advanced: from October till the end of December, on Friday from 14.00-17.00h

  • Open studio: March- April, on Friday morning, from 10.00-13.00h

For more information about one of the courses or if you want to subscribe, please send an email to ilsenassart@gmail.com.


“We practice a step by step approach and

Ilse instinctively knows when you’re ready for the next step”


- Mieke Noël


“Lessons from Ilse are always interesting and fun. She is a really good mentor that each time teaches you ways to improve your drawings. Ilse is able to inspire and motivate groups of 10+ students. Nobody is left behind, she does not hesitate to point out areas in your drawing that can be improved but this is always done in an respectful manner and in combination with a review of the good parts of the drawing. Ilse is fun to be around with and creates a very pleasant atmosphere in her groups”.  


-Godard Hazeu 

"Lessons from Ilse are very inspiring! She is very enthusiastic and teaches exactly that part of craftsmanship that I missed while studying at the academy of Arts. Learning to see and learning to draw in a way the classical master painters worked has slowly been fading away since the start of the 20th century. It is really great that this is now possible in our community. Ilse has a positive mindset and always knows to discover a nice area or piece in your drawings. She stimulates you to push through no matter what level you are working at. Lessons are well prepared in advance with good examples and clear instructions. Bottom line: lessons from Ilse are a must for anyone who wishes to improve his or her drawing skills."   

-Paul van Mil 

"I really enjoyed these model drawing courses. The lessons are of high quality and unique in the Netherlands: while art academies are focusing on conceptual art mainly, this is a place where the classical drawing technique is re-thought! I was so inspired by these teachings that I decided to do a follow-up course at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy. Ilse’s lessons proved to be an ideal preparation for this program. "



"First you draw what you see.
Next, you draw what you know, and only then
will you know what it is that you see."

-Robert Beverly Hale