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Ilse Nass


Ilse Nass is a Dutch independent artist, who works from her art studio in Maastricht in the Netherlands.


She was born in 1982 in Nijmegen, but moved to the south of Holland at an early age. Although she studied in varies cities (Brussels (B), Groningen (NL), The Hague (NL), Florence (IT) and Gothenburg (SE)), Maastricht is the place she always felt the need to return to. 

Self portrait by Maastricht-based artist Ilse Nass


Ilse holds a Master’s degree in Photography from the LUCA School of Arts in Brussels (2007). Alongside her interest and training in photography, Ilse has always been attracted to drawing and painting, a passion that she chose to pursue through a further degree at the Classical Academy of Fine Arts Groningen (2010). Her part-time study in Groningen culminated in the acceptance at the Florence Academy of Art, one of the world’s leading art schools for classical drawing and painting.


She successfully completed the three year certificate program in drawing and painting in 2014. Ilse has been awarded various scholarships and grants throughout her academic career, which she gratefully acknowledges (e.g., ‘Fundatie van Renswoude’ 2009/2010, Florence Academy of Art Sweden 2013/2014).



Following her academic training, Ilse returned to the Netherlands to start her own art studio. Her work currently focuses on (portrait) commissions and the further development of her personal art-projects.


In the everyday rush of life, one tends to live by superficial impressions of one another. When creating a portrait, Ilse seeks to reveal what lies beyond the world of the obvious. In doing so, the aim of the portrait is to create a gateway that allows the spectator a glimpse into the inner world and deeper feelings of the one portrayed. This is where Ilse’s photography, drawing and painting studies meet: On the one hand, the craftsmanship (Classical Academy Groningen & the Florence Academy of Art), and on the other hand, the conceptual side (in which the idea or concept presented by the artist becomes apparent) as taught at LUCA. 



Do you have any further questions, or would you like to discuss the possibilities of a commisioned work? Please don't hesitate to contact Ilse.

Ilse nass.jpg


Portraits of Zoë and Rifka

“It is wonderful to have such a beautiful portrait of my two grandchildren hanging in the living room; the likeness is remarkable!”

- Jeanette Klein Essink

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