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& portrait commissions

Anker 1
Anker 2


In an ever-changing world a commissioned portrait reminds us of timelessness. We look at our beloved one and hold still. Wonder what it is that we came to love and has not changed over the course of the years. It is the glimpse of the eternal, the soul if you will, of the one portrayed. 


When you commission a portrait, you will find that the process is simple and convenient. From initial consultation to delivery, the process generally takes between one and four months, but varies depending on the materials selected and the complexity of the project. 


We start our project with an introduction meeting to discuss the details of the project, including the overall tone of the portrait, composition, attire, and eventual location where the portrait will be hung. A photoshoot will follow shortly after. It is then that the drawing- or painting process will start. After a couple of weeks, we will plan a viewing moment, to examine the result and pinpoint certain adjustments. After which Ilse will go back to work and reveal the end result at a second viewing. 


Prices vary, depending on the material used and the scale of the project. For further enquiries or to commission a portrait please contact Ilse. 

Commission an art piece by artist Ilse Nass in Limburg
Commission an charcoal art piece by artist Ilse Nass in Maastricht


Portrait of Rianne & Rutger

"Ilse made this beautiful charcoal drawing as a reminder of our wedding day! It is placed in a prominent place in our kitchen and is very dear to us. Ilse really knows how to capture the emotion in her work. We receive many compliments on this beautiful work and when we tell people that it is not a photo but a drawing, everyone is even more impressed."


- Rianne Bonnema


Portrait of Lot

"We commissioned this portrait of our daughter to Ilse. At first Ilse made a range of beautiful pictures of which we we’re able to choose a favorite.  We are delighted with the result: Ilse has been able to capture not only her likeliness but an inner resemblance as well."


-Esther Nass

Two watercolour portraits

"Both portraits not only show a spot-on resemblance with real life but also capture the specific character traits of my daughters beautifully.  ."   

- Alexandra Bronsveld



If you enjoy Ilse’s work and wish to receive more information please do not hesitate to contact her.

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