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Art Retreat

In 2023 I hosted the first edition of 'Voyage Art Retreats', together with entrepreneur Merlijn Groenen. From sunrise sketches to sunset strokes, we spent the week painting in the dreamy setting of a French villa in the Provence, with a wonderful group of women.

Our chef surprised the group with the most amazing French cuisine, all local specialties cooked with fresh, organic ingredients.

We aimed to provide the participants with some time and space away from their busy everyday lives, to slow down, find inspiration, and foster creative growth. It was wonderful to see the magic happen and follow each individual creative process as it unfolded.

As we wrap up this chapter we are unspeakable grateful for the beautiful memories and the remarkable individuals who made this retreat unforgettable. It was a pleasure to share our joy for drawing, painting and art history with this wonderful group of inspiring women.

Who knows what creative adventures we might organise next with Voyage Art Retreats!


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